• Avoid hitting the wall

    if your fireplaces do not meet fire safety standards!


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  • Continue to enjoy your fireplaces

    by ensuring they meet fine particle emission standards.


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  • Protect the value of your real estate assets with the right upgrade


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Don’t play
with fire!

Current fire safety standards require an appropriate level of fire resistance between each floor trough either a pipe shaft or various other means depending on the type of building.

Except for recently built condominiums, chimneys are set in a common open shaft, putting co-owner safety unnecessarily at risk.

More than ever, insurers insist on an upgrade prior to the renewal of an insurance policy.

Protect the value
of your real estate assets.

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Enjoy full
peace of

Our team of skilled experts offer co-owner syndicates a proven turnkey solution for the upgrade of each fireplace in their building.

We take care of everything. From the initial professional inspection through help with the permit submission process, work by certified construction specialists right up to the compliance certification by an architect. Why deal separately with the numerous trades, waste precious time with their on-going coordination, and run the increased risk of costly mistakes? Our project manager will be at your disposal from beginning to end. Say good-bye to nasty surprises!

Put an end to the degradation of air quality stemming from fireplaces of the 80’s!

Air quality has a direct impact on health, especially for children, elders, and individuals with respiratory or pulmonary problems. Fine particles emissions standards for wood burning fireplaces have thus been considerably tightened in many Quebec municipalities and particularly in the Greater Montreal area.

Do the fireplaces in your condo meet the new standards? What are your replacement options?

Our team of experts will provide answers to all your questions.

Make it a

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A stress-free way to comply with the standards.

Your upgrade project will consist of the following steps:


Situation analysis done by an architect.


Preparation of a quote specifying the work to be done if required.


Presentation of the project to the co-owners.


Permit request.


Execution of the work.


Conformity certificate delivered by an architect.

Your peace of mind signed Noréa Rive-Sud, Rive-Nord et Montréal

Our expertise and reputation for excellence are well established for the upgrade to standards of fireplaces in condominiums.

We have but one objective: To make your life easier!

Together, we will see to the flawless planning and execution of the upgrade project ensuring full satisfaction of your co-owners. The assigned project manager will be on site as required to keep all inconveniences to each co-owner to a strict minimum (options selection, safeguard of the apartment, respect of timetable, etc.).

For the optimal planning of your upgrade to standards.

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